Kedowa Village Nursery Latrine Project – Kenya

Kedowa Village, Rurii Catchment Area, Ol’Kalou Constituency, Central Region, Kenya

Community Description
Kedowa Village is made primarily of the Kikuya tribe. The population is approximately 5,000 men, women, and children. The majority of family income is coming from substance and cash crop farming although a small percentage of the population is comprised of teachers and nurses.

The number one ailment of children is diarrhea, which the community health workers have attributed to a lack of proper sanitation and access to clean water.

Problem Addressed
The nursery school faces an absence of latrines and a lack of access to potable water. There is a decrepit latrine on the property, but the teacher in charge of the children must share that with the nursery students.

Project Description
This project is for the construction of a VIP latrine at the nursery school. In conjunction with the project, the community will install a tank for water storage.

The community has already dug a pit 25 feet deep and 10 feet wide for the latrine. A concrete platform will be placed over the hole. The latrine will have 2 stalls and will be ventilated.

A base for the water tank will be built, and the community will purchase and install a 2,300-liter tank. The tank will be located on the side of the school, connected to rain gutters at the corner of the building. This will provide enough water for the small nursery school to last through the short dry season.

The base will extend 6 inches below the ground for stability and 1.5 feet above the ground to give adequate space for handwashing from the base of the faucet extending to the splash guard, also cut into the earth 6 inches, so that there is an overall 2-foot drop in case buckets and cans need to be filled for water transportation.

The community will provide all of the unskilled labor, a portion of the stone, and a portion of the transport costs.

Water Charity funds will pay for the materials, including 10 bags of cement, a truckload of sand and ballast, PVC piping, 2 doors with latches, wire mesh, and 3 iron sheets.

Once materials are transported to the site, there will be a workday with the parents of the nursery school children. The first day the cement, sand, and ballast will be mixed, and the construction of the latrine structure will begin. The mixture will be applied to the stones to complete the structure.

Once the structure is dry, parents will help to install the roof, piping, and doors.

Project Impact
30 nursery school students and one teacher will benefit from the project. 70 parents of the nursery school children will indirectly benefit from decreased diarrhea and other waterborne diseases.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Brett Werkheiser

This project will provide adequate sanitation facilities, allow for proper hygiene, and create a storage facility for water needed at the school.

Brett previously completed the Manatta Primary School Rainwater Catchment Project – Kenya and the Mwihoti Secondary School Latrine Project – Kenya.

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Donations Collected to Date

Dollar Amount Needed
$0.00 – This project has been fully funded through the generosity of Compassionate Rescue, providing clean water resources worldwide.

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