Kampala Area Well Rehab Program – Uganda

This project is made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and the NATIONAL PEACE CORPS ASSOCIATION.
​UPDATE: All 5 well repairs have been successfully completed. See the #conclusion report below for more details!

Water Charity is partnering with Wine To Water and the Ugandan Water Project to rehabilitate five non-functioning wells north of Kampala, Uganda (see map below). The program will benefit 5 communities and reach a total of 2,250 beneficiaries with clean water.

Village Kids - Kampala Area, UgandaThe Problem
The primary water source for the people of Uganda is a borehole well. Unfortunately, with so many moving parts, these wells endure a lot of stress, especially in areas where they are pumped around the clock. While the need for regular maintenance is clear, it is often neglected, resulting in over 30% of wells in Sub-Saharan Africa being broken at any one point in time.

Community Involvement

Working with the community leadership to develop a strong buy-in strategy helps create ownership. It also allows the community to recognize the need for regular well-maintenance. This program employs a two-part process that not only fixes the broken water source, but builds the community’s capacity to maintain their well in the future.

Project Descriptions:

Bika Samba The connection was made with the Bika Samba LCI Masulita Town Council. This borehole was installed in May/ 2005 it has 14 pipes. Depth is 160ft water level is 90ft, and it has been not functioning properly since September/ 2016. It serves 700 people and was drilled by Jica. The primary problems with this well are the: Pipes, Rods, Chain and Cylinder.Carrying water

Mayanja We have been working with the Bika Mayanja LCI Masulita Town Council for this project. The borehole was Drilled in 2004, it has 18 pipes, and depth is 200ft. Water level is 120ft, and it has been broken since 2012. It was installed by Jica and it was serving 300 people. The primary problems with this well are the: Pipes, Rods, Cylinder Chain and Pump Head.

Kawesa David Lwemwede This well was installed in 2006. It has 12 pipes, depth is 120ft, water level is 90ft, and it was serving 350 people. It has been down since 2012. The primary problems with this well are the: Pipes, Rods and Cylinder. In addition, the elevated platform needs some repairs,

Lwemwedde Masulita This well was installed on 10/05/2015. It is composed of 10 pipes and it has been broken since September/ 2016 . The Cylinder and Rods have fallen in and are in need of repair. Once repaired, this well will serve 400 individuals.

Mulume This borehole was drilled in 2011 and is currently non-functional. This is a very deep borehole composed of 19 pipes and will serve 500 individuals once repaired.

This project has been funded by an anonymous donor. If you wish to donate for our work, please choose a different project in the geographical area of your choice.

5 Villages Well Rehabilitation Project Completed! (Kampala Area, Uganda)

All 5 well repairs were effected and successful.  More than the 2,250 people we expected to help were impacted, and people now come to these wells from a wide radius. People working

Naturally, there is more work that needs to be done, but this is a huge start.  Having access to clean water affects every level of the society and economy.  The health benefits, reduction in infant mortality and childhood diarrheal diseases have an incalculable effect on the potential of the region.

A major benefit of this initiative, is that it came from the village level and created a sense of ownership for these wells that wasn’t there before.  There is a strong commitment in the villages to keep these wells functional, and minor upkeep and repairs will be handled in a timely manner going forward.

All in all a very successful series of repairs!  A folder full of pics from this work can be found HERE.

Well Repair UgandaFixing a well