Igoma Primary School Water Tank Project – Tanzania

This project is made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and the National Peace Corps Association.
Igoma Village, Njombe Town District, Njombe Region, Tanzania 
Community Description
Igoma village is in the mountains about 30 km east of Njombe Town. The primary economic activities of the village are potato and other farming.
Problem Addressed
The Igoma Primary School in the village of Igoma.  Njombe, is currently using temporary toilet facilities, at some distance from the school, because the old toilet collapsed.
A new toilet was started with 20 stalls, 10 on the girls’ side and 10 on the boys’ side.
Project Description
This project is to build two water tanks at the school,
Water from these tanks will be used for flushing and cleaning the toilets, cleaning around the school, and for cooking.
The tanks will be located next to the toilet. Piping from a nearby tap will be used to insure that water is available year round.
Two 5,000 L plastic tanks will be purchased from the nearest town, about an hour away. The tanks will be mounted on a stand that will be 5 m square by 5 m tall. The school is downhill from the water tap, so even at 5 m tall the water will run by gravity into the tanks.
The stand will be built with 4 wooden posts to each side. A stone foundation will be laid, and then the walls will be built from concrete. A platform at the top of the stand will be constructed using a wire mesh frame reinforced with rebar and then concrete. The tanks will sit on this platform. Water from the tanks will be accessed from a pipe coming from the tanks and a spout installed at 1m from the ground.
Project Impact
This project will allow approximately 430 students and 10 teachers who live on school grounds access to water at all times. The tank will be exclusively for school use, although occasional village meetings of the 2,500 villagers that are held on the school grounds may use the water for cooking as well.
Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Jessica Manzak
Monitoring and Maintenance

The Igoma Primary School Water Committee will be responsible for monitoring the tank to ensure it is kept filled and repaired.
This project will allow students to use facilities closer to the school and reduce the disruption of their classroom time when they need to access water.
The tanks will last for a very long time, providing functional water storage and pressure for the students of the school for many years to come.  During this time, the actual number of students using the facilities is only likely to go up.
Dollar Amount of Project
Donations Collected to Date
Dollar Amount Needed
$0 – This project has been funded by a major Water Charity donor, who prefers to remain anonymous.  Additional funds have been contributed for future projects in Tanzania.
This program is part of the Water Charity and National Peace Corps Association East Africa Water and Sanitation Program.
Any additional donations will be utilized to fund additional projects in Tanzania.
This project has been completed.  To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.