GSN Moringa Water Project – Senegal

This project is made possible through the partnership of Water Charity and the National Peace Corps Association.

Latmingue, Kaolack, Senegal

Community Description
The project community is a group promoting the farming and production of Moringa in Senegal.  The objective of the group is to purchase Moringa from the local farmer; sort, wash and dry the leaves; and prepare for sale to larger purchases (such as transformers making powder and oil).  The working group will be starting their own small Moringa garden in addition to purchasing from locals.

The Association “Groupe Siwaal Nebedaye” meaning the promotion of Moringa in Wolof, is a committee that was formed on November 9, 2015, as part of a pilot Moringa project in collaboration with a Moringa transformation business in Kaolack, UGF (Union de Groupement des Femmes) of Latmingue, and Latmingue’s local mayor’s office to encourage farming, promotion, and exportation of the Moringa plant.

The GSN includes a board (president, coordinator, secretary, and treasurer) and three working groups.  The first working group (3 people, supervised by the treasurer) focuses on sorting the Moringa plant, the second group (2 people, supervised by the coordinator) is responsible for washing the Moringa leaves, and the third working group (2 people, supervised by the secretary) is responsible for drying and packaging the Moringa.  The committee totals 11 people.

The GSN committee plays an important role in the Moringa project, as it serves to be the necessary link between community members growing and farming Moringa, and Moringa plant purchasers such as those who buy the leaves to transform it into Moringa powder or oil. The GSN committee’s activities include purchasing the locally farmed Moringa plants from project participants, sorting and organizing the usable leaves from those to be discarded, washing, drying, and packaging the leaves.

Problem Addressed
The problem that the community group (Groupe Siwaal Nebedaye) faces is a lack of resources to implement an efficient water source for their Moringa garden.  They are lacking enough startup capital to fund a well for their Moringa field. It is vital for their Moringa field to have a reliable and constant water supply.  Securing a water source for the field in order is essential to start working and be successful in this project, which promises much potential. If they are able to obtain the resources they need, the project holds a great economic and agricultural opportunity for these community members.  The land will be offered by the local mayor’s office, but it is up to the group to find a water source.

Project Description
This project is to dig a well for the Moringa garden.

The Moringa Project is a collaborative effort between UGF (Union de Groupement des Femmes), community member project participants, and Abdou Karim Faye, president of the GIE Baboc – Moringa Powder, in Kaolack.  The project called for the creation of a committee, an integral part of the project – the Association Groupe Siwaal Nebedaye, serving as a resource between farmers and transformers, to sort, wash, dry, and package Moringa leaves to be exported.

The overall Moringa project is an economic development initiative to benefit women’s groups, farmers, and individuals alike in Latmingue, by supporting and working with the GIE Baboc in Kaolack, and other Moringa purchasers and transformers.

The idea behind the project is an opportunity for these groups mentioned above to grow Moringa and sell their products to the certified GSN committee, who will then prepare Moringa for exportation and sale. Each party will greatly benefit from this collaborative effort both financially and developmentally.

Project Impact
This project will benefit 71 people.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Natalie Dolan

Monitoring and Maintenance 
The Moringa Project Committee and participants would be responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of the well.  The PCV will check in to ensure this is happening.

The project provides women and community members with an economic opportunity to benefit financially and increase their overall financial security. In addition, the project is an agricultural opportunity to farm previously unused land, and increase overall knowledge about the benefits and uses of Moringa. The community Organization participating in this project is the GIE Groupe Siwaal Nebedaye.

The funds for this project will come from a previous project of Natalie Dolan PCV in Latmingue that became infeasible.  No funds have been expended, and this project will have a similar impact as the original.

This project has been concluded.