Gataivai School Water Tank Project – Western Samoa

This project is made possible through the partnership of Water Charity and the National Peace Corps Association.

Gataivai, Western Samoa, South Pacific

Community Description
The community of Gataivai is situated on the southeast coast on the island of Savai’i in the Palauli district in Western Samoa.  It stands as one of the largest villages in Savai’i with a population of 1,150.  The village is located at the base of the Savai’i mountains and is known for its two rivers.  The rivers serve as the water source for the villagers.  Gataivai Primary School enrolls 250 students and ten teachers.

Problem Addressed
The village lacks access to a reliable supply of clean water for basic hydration and hygiene. Climate change has been increasing precipitation and flooding in the region which is partially responsible for the decreased water quality and supply reliability.

Project Description
This project seeks to install two new water tanks and one new tap at the Gataivai Primary School. The tanks will be protected by two structures that will be built and maintained by local laborers.  Gutters on the structures will collect rainwater, which will be piped to the tanks.

The School Committee, which includes a plumber and a carpenter, will provide the specialized labor.

Project Impact
This project will increase the availability of freshwater for 250 students and 10 teachers at the primary school, and will provide benefit for the community of Gataivai. Primary benefits of the project will be: (1) improving local nutrition by replacing the consumption of sodas and ice pops with reliable supplies of clean drinking water, (2) Improving hygiene and reducing incidence of preventable illness by supplying clean water for washing, (3) improving quality and consistency of instruction by reducing the number of days that the school closes due to lack of freshwater supplies, and (4) providing opportunities for place-based climate change education.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project
Kiersten DeHaven

Monitoring and Maintenance
Members of the School Committee will ensure project longevity, as they will maintain the water tanks, pipes, and tap in the event of any future necessary repairs.

The village council will provide any necessary men for unskilled labor and water tank maintenance.  They have also devised a schedule for regular water tank maintenance.

The project manager, Siniva Iosefa, will coordinate the action plan when the funding becomes available.  He will serve as treasurer and work closely with the School Committee specifically the plumber and carpenter. The local shop, Oasis Minimarket, will donate soap for the water tank maintenance.  The Women’s Committee of Gataivai will provide all food and cooking for the laborers while completing the project.

After the project is completed, the School Committee and teachers will continue holding seminars regarding nutrition, hygiene and climate change awareness.  The teachers have committed to include climate change in the year six, seven and eight curriculum. They have already begun to use resources provided by the Peace Corps Volunteer acquired from the Ministry of Education.

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