Free Primary School Water Project – Tonga

This project is made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and the NATIONAL PEACE CORPS ASSOCIATION.

This project has been completed. Scroll down the page to read the conclusion. 


The location of the project has been redacted for security reasons at the request of the Peace Corps

Problem Addressed
Currently, the local school in the community has two water tanks. These tanks are open to the public, and community members often use these tanks for clean drinking water. During the dry seasons, the tanks run out of the water quickly. When this happens, school is canceled due to the lack of clean drinking water available to the students.

If the PTA had enough funds, they would purchase water from town and refill the tanks, but this option is costly and not sustainable for the collection of clean drinking for the young students.

Project Description
This project will add an additional water tank for the exclusive use of the school.

The PTA will donate the supplies and will build the foundation for the water tank.

The new tank will be located on the school principal’s property, which is located on the school compound directly behind the school building. Placing the water tank at this location will ensure that it will only be used for the students during school hours.

Project Impact
2,585 people will benefit from the project.

Project Administration
Darby Knox, Peace Corps Volunteer

Monitoring and Maintenance
Because the tank will be in between the residences of two staff members, they will take personal responsibility for the tank and maintain it. This will help keep the project sustained for years to come. Any repairs that are needed for this tank will be paid for by the PTA. The PTA is responsible for paying for the upkeep of the school and this will be part of the school’s property.

The installation of a water tank for the school’s exclusive use will allow all students to continue their education without interruption due to lack of water.

Project Funding
This project was funded by an anonymous donor.

Conclusion of Free Primary School Water Project – Tonga

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Darby Knox.

The project was designed to build a water tank at the school.

Darby reports:

The project was a success and has been a huge blessing to the school. The school now has clean drinking water for the students. The school and community were very helpful in the process and are very proud of the project. They have continued to take care of the tank and teach the student’s water conservation techniques.

The school principal took it upon himself to teach some of the students how to build the foundation for the water tank. Students learned how to mix concrete, lay concrete, and how to lay a foundation. The students were very interested in this process and took pride in being active participants. This project has empowered students and the community through the development of problem-solving, project management, and basic construction skills.

After the tank was installed, there were training on how to maintain the tank for the school community. It was also very beneficial for the tank to be placed at the principal’s house because he is able to care for it and monitor any problems much easier and faster than the other tanks located in front of the school. The school principal and his family have beautified the area surrounding the tank, creating a garden and making the space safe for students to access clean water.

We extend our thanks to Darby for completing this important project.