Emergency Water Filtration Project – Haiti

Water Filter - HaitiWater Charity has started a project to deliver water filters to Haiti at once. Under the direction of Ryan Sinclair, Dr.P.H, filters are being set up in and near Port-au-Prince to dispense safe water immediately.

The Center for Public Health Preparedness at Loma Linda University has sent a team to assess the needs and deliver emergency relief to the people of Haiti. Dr. Sinclair, Assistant Professor at the Loma Linda School of Public Health, and an expert in water and sanitation, is accompanying the team.

We purchased commercially-available filters and chlorine, and gave them to Dr. Sinclair to take with him.

Urgent and difficult problems demand simple solutions. Using this direct method, we are able to help deliver life-saving filters precisely where they are needed, NOW.

Your donation is urgently requested for this project. 100% of your donation will go to purchase water filters, which are being deployed now. If you are looking for a vehicle to make a donation to the relief effort in Haiti, you will not find a more direct and cost-efficient way to contribute.

Flash:  Every dollar you donate will be matched by The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust!

This project has been completed.