Cotabato Water System Project – Philippines

Cotabato Water System Project - PhilippinesWater Charity is starting its second project in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Philippines, designed to serve the needs for clean water in low-income communities in the Philippines. The project follows on the successful completion of the Matinang Spring Water Project – Philippines.

This project will serve 114 home partner families and other members of “Peace and Development Communities” located in two low-lying barangays (villages) in North Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines. The houses in these communities were built with international funding. However, funding for a water infrastructure was not included, and they are left without a water supply.

Cotabato Water System Project - PhilippinesThe project to bring potable water will utilize 12 Jetmatic pumps, each serving several dwellings from a centralized location. These hand pumps of Philippine manufacture provide the appropriate technology for the specific need, as rainwater catchment systems would not serve well in this climatic condition.

The two communities to be served are:

Nalapaan 47
264 persons
Nes 67
322 persons

Each of these communities has a profound need for a ready water supply. Presently villagers must retrieve water from a substantial distance away, rely on contaminated sources, or be forced to purchase water from vendors at exorbitant rates.

Cotabato Water System Project - PhilippinesThe project is being carried out in collaboration with the Office of the Governor and the Midsayap Habitat for Humanity, Inc.

The project for the installation of the water systems will begin immediately and will lead to vastly improved health, sanitation, and productivity.

A commitment for funding was made by The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust as a part of their Clean Water Projects initiative. The project was subsequently withdrawn, with no expenditure of funds.