Conclusion of Zorit Youth Center Cafeteria Project – Ukraine

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Lynae Slinden. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to replace the existing sinks and add a water filter and hot water heater in the kitchen of the cafeteria at Zorit.

Lynae reports:

This project was to replace the existing sinks and add a water filter and hot water heater and replace the wiring and plumbing in the cafeteria kitchen at ZORIT Regional Youth Center in Novoukrianka. Because of the anticipated volume of water needed, in pipe filtration was utilized for the kitchen and instead of just replacing the sinks, a total of four sinks were installed in the kitchen and a hand washing sink in the cafeteria.

There is no sink in the outhouse toilets preventing handwashing prior to eating, something we had not anticipated as an original component of the remodeling but much needed. The water heater was installed and plumbed to four new kitchen sinks for food preparation and dish washing.

Funding became available in February, a time when temperatures stay below freezing and the ground cannot be dug up for replacing pipes so the project start was delayed until April. When the administration of the center realized the kitchen sinks would be replaced and access to clean water provided, they decided to remodel the entire facility. The existing trampoline-like holey wooden floor was removed and replaced with a concrete one that would protect the new plumbing and provide a solid surface for new floor covering throughout.

The existing retention basin and the area around it was cleaned and repaired and plumbing replaced from the sinks. New wiring for all of the new appliances as well as the water heater was installed making a safer and more reliable power source.

The walls were stripped and painted and old appliances replaced, including a new stove and refrigerator and the old tables and chairs were painted. New dishes and silverware, tablecloths and curtains were also purchased.

The deadline for completing the work was the first week in June for the eight weeks of summer camp at the center. Although it was close, the project was completed in time to serve the children, youth, teachers, and staff breakfast and lunch for the entire session. With the newly remodeled and expanded facility, the children from the sports center, adjacent to ZORIT, were able to also have their lunches there.

The children and teachers all were amazed at how clean, beautiful, and orderly the cafeteria was and the kitchen staff appreciated the ability to prepare food without having to heat water on the stove as part of the preparation and clean up.

This project has proven to be a great improvement over the previous dining situation and ZORIT looks forward to using it during the school year to provide after school snacks for the children arriving hungry after an afternoon in their school classrooms. A break and chance to have something to eat will make a huge difference in how much they learn and enjoy the learning and recreational activities at the center. They all wish to thank the donors and Appropriate Projects for making this new kitchen/cafeteria possible.

And I would like to add my thanks to everyone for making this project possible. We still have one more that we would like to do. The outdoor Turkish pit toilets are in dire need of replacement with indoor plumbing in the main building. Although the staff makes every effort to keep them clean, these toilets need to be replaced for sanitary and environmental reasons as well as making it warmer, healthier, and more likely to be used. “Holding it” until they get home increases the risk of bladder infections and it is a site where disease is easily spread.