Conclusion of Waste Disposal Project – Jamaica

This project was successfully completed on schedule and within budget under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Kimberly Sweeney. To read about the start of this project, CLICK HERE.

Kimberly reports:

The Waste Disposal Project in Chapelton, Jamaica, was completed in a month upon receiving funds from Appropriate Projects.

Bunny’s Welding in Chapelton was retained to purchase the materials and start the project. It was agreed that two 4 ’x 4’ and 4’ tall skips would be made.

Within a week the first skip was completed, and a week after that the second one was finished. The skips were then painted to prevent rusting, and were delivered to each of the two homes in Chapelton.

The skips have been installed at the homes, and National Solid Waste Management is set to begin to collect the garbage in the skips on a regular basis.

As a result of putting these skips in place, it has not only encouraged the children toward proper waste disposal, it has encouraged some small shops and residents to do the same instead of burning their trash.

This project helps and teaches all the children that will come through these two homes, which house around 100 to 120 children a year, to keep their environment clean.

Below are pictures of the skiffs installed in place at the Summerfield Boys Home and St. Augustine’s Place of Safety respectively.


Kimberly sent us the following quotes in gratitude:

“The teachers at the St. Augustine’s Place of Safety are really grateful for the garbage skip which was funded by Appropriate Projects. It is now much easier to control the disposal of the garbage.” J. Linsday, J. Watson-Peart and D. Bernard

“Since we have the garbage bin we at St. Augustine’s keep the environment better cleaned up as one can see if you look around the place. I just want to say thank for it as we really appreciate them and will take care of them” – ward at St. Augustine’s Place of Safety

We again wish to thank The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust for its generosity in funding this project.