Conclusion of Verejeni Water Tower Project – Moldova

To read about the start of this project, CLICK HERE.

This project was completed in an amazingly short time through the leadership of Peace Corps Volunteer Toumil Samonte, working in close coordination with the members of Verejeni village.

Toumil submitted the following summary:

Duration: 5 days, from October 30- November 3, 2009

Volunteers: 11

Materials purchased:

  • 40 sacks of cement (50 kg/sack): 2800 lei
  • Metal support rods: 1815 lei
  • Wood: 300 lei
  • Sand: 575 lei

TOTAL: 5490 lei

Toumil reports:

As soon as I notified my partners that we were approved for funding, they mobilized volunteers and placed orders for the building materials.

The volunteers broke ground on Friday, and by Tuesday had completed the foundation and we settled all accounts. The entire process happened quickly and enthusiastically.

Mr. Tcaci, a project leader who is heading the construction team, expressed his gratitude for the quick funding.

We concluded the project by discussing what preparations must be done to install the water tower next spring. At that time, the foundation will be dry and we will be able to proceed immediately with the rest of the work.

Toumil expresses the feelings of the community:

There were some doubts about the project when we were not able to begin in the late summer as we had hoped. But because we were able to complete this first step now, with the help of the Appropriate Projects initiative, morale is higher in the neighborhood and we have stronger faith that we will realize our goals.

My community’s efforts this past week really showed me how committed they are to having clean drinking water for themselves and for their children. Thank you so much for giving us this chance.

We again wish to thank Ng Yit Chong, and the friends and family of Toumil, for providing the funding for this projects.