Conclusion of Vehcan School Water Project – Albania

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Kyle Moye. The project was designed to renovate the bathroom serving 94 students. To read about the start of the project, CLICK HERE.

A summary of Kyle’s report is as follows:

This project was initiated based on a need to improve hygiene among students and staff at the Vehcan nine-year school. The school had no access to water- making it impossible for children to wash their hands or use the bathroom indoors. Girls had nowhere to use the bathroom, resulting in low attendance and retention rates at the school.

The plan for the project was to reconstruct the bathrooms and plumbing to solve this issue. This project was completed as a part of the Let Girls Learn framework, to ensure young girls have the opportunity to stay in school.

To promote personal hygiene, a health fair was organized prior to the bathroom reconstruction. The health fair included local nurses, students, and representatives from the local Red Cross and State Health Department. The entire community was invited to attend the health fair, which consisted of handwashing and personal hygiene lessons for the children, and diabetes testing, blood pressure checks, and an information panel by the Red Cross, for the adults.

After the health fair was completed a team of local experts, students, and school staff were assembled to take on the task of planning the reconstruction of the bathrooms. With the help of a local plumber and some community members the bathroom was quickly renovated and is now fully functional.

The community is very thankful for the final result. The girls and community of Vehcan now have a clean bathroom with running water at their school.

We are grateful to Kyle for completing this important project.