Conclusion of Thiabedji Orchard Well – Senegal

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Sheila McAtee. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to construct a well at the demonstration site for tree farmers.

Sheila reports:

There is now a new well in the highest quality orchard in Thiabedji, an orchard owned by the highly renowned orchard owner and manager, Numusara Ba, and the village.

We had a wonderful team of highly-skilled well diggers that came daily to work on the well from a village 7 kilometers away. Along with help from Thiabedji locals, the team managed to dig, arrange the materials, and construct the concrete well lining in a very efficient manner.

The orchard well was well known amongst the entire village and throughout the process, and even after the well was completed I had strangers come up to me in the streets of the village and thank me for bringing more water to Thiabedji.

When the time came to lower the heavy lining into the well, it was clear that a lot of manpower was needed. The turnout was surprising, as men came from all sides of the village to work in exchange for all the mangoes they could eat. It was a party, and a wonderful reason to bring people together.

With the new year-round water source, not only would the quality of life be increased for the farmer, but for the entire village as well. The women could go to the well in the dry season and wash their clothes. The whole village would profit from a year round supply of local bananas, and home grown vegetable gardens, the first time that this was possible in the village.

Since the well was finished, plans have been made to increase the technical aspects of the farm. This farm has the first grafted mango trees in the village, and the farm owner now teaches two grafting sessions each year to locals from the village and those in neighboring villages. He is constantly seeking ways to improve him farm, and with the new year-round water source, possibilities have become far less constrained. As he continues to make efforts to improve his own farm, he still remains eager to discuss and teach the importance of hard work to others. Numusara is a true inspiration to the entire area.

Appropriate Projects was a valuable asset in the construction of the well.

We again thank the Elmo Foundation for providing the funding for the project.