Conclusion of Soldanesti Water Project – Moldova

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Katherine Rose. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to build a public running water supply in the center of Soldanesti.

Katherine reports:

This project was successfully completed under the guidance of Soldanesti Mayor Alexandru Tinca and Peace Corps Volunteer Katherine Rose.

Upon receiving Appropriate Projects funding, Katherine met with the owner of the central market, Adrian Paladuta. While Adrian was already aware of the project, this meeting encouraged his collaboration. He became inspired by the project design, envisioning the location as a proud gathering point for citizens.

Adrian donated money toward the beautification of the site in hopes to create an attractive public space that encouraged interaction among members of the community. Wells and springs have historically been an important gathering site for Moldovans and creating this atmosphere at our work site was crucial to ensuring respect and sustainability of the project. In addition to fiscal donations for materials, Adrian agreed to provide transportation to and from the construction store 20 km away.

During the next two weeks Katherine, Adrian, and Costea, the laborer, made multiple trips to a nearby city to purchase construction materials. Costea began building immediately, and Alexandru and Public Works Department Manager Serafima Focsa visited the project location regularly to ensure the quality of the labor and security of the work site.

Project completion took longer than anticipated due to poor road conditions during the rainy season. Additionally, the sink and some piping were back-ordered, which delayed further construction. In the end, all materials were purchased and the project was completed with great success.

Katherine reports on how the project was received by the community:

Now, for the first time in the town’s history, the commercial center offers the public free, unlimited access to clean water. As the majority of businesses and homes near the center of town do not have running water, this project’s completion represents an immeasurable improvement in the quality of life for Soldanesti citizens and visitors.

Alexandru, Adrian, Serafima, Katherine and the rest of the Soldanesti community are very grateful for the Appropriate Projects program and the generosity of donor Michael Adams.