Conclusion of Sokone Women’s Garden Well Project – Senegal

The project resulted in the construction of a well, which now provides water for irrigation of the community garden, and potable water for use by the rest of the community.

To read about the start of this project, CLICK HERE.

Laura Coberly writes:

Thank you so much for making this project possible…
The well is completed and people from my neighborhood use it every day and we’ve been using it to water our garden.

We are grateful to Erika Jerme, Ann Keilman, and Justin Land for their contributions, and most particularly to Matthew Krzyston for providing the final funding to make this great project possible.

Our sincere thanks go to Laura for carrying out this wonderful project. The Senegal PCVs have become the Water Charity superstars, starting and finishing great projects at a pace that is unmatched by PCVs in any other country. The pictures below amply portray the value of their work.