Conclusion of School Cafeteria Improvement Project – Moldova

This project has been successfully completed, under the direction of Martin Ellinger-Locke. To see the history of this project CLICK HERE.

The project was designed to be a part of a larger project to improve the kitchen and cafeteria of this school in Petrunea, Glodeni, Moldova. The participation of Water Charity was to provide new fixtures and improve the plumbing and drainage systems.

Martin reports:

At my school there are 385 students, as well as 40 faculty members and staff who all count on the school cafeteria for their daily lunch. Before the implementation of this project the facilities used for food preparation and cleaning were unsanitary and very inefficient.

Project funds were used to pay for:

  • A brand new stainless steel sink
  • Repairs to the drainage system (It hadn’t worked in over 20 years)
  • A hand washing sink and faucet
  • Vastly improved conditions in the dish-washing area (New tile, wall panels and a window)
  • Faucets (A hose was previously used)
  • Piping for all of the new and old sinks (they were mostly deteriorated)
  • Various other fixtures and equipment to improve the effectiveness of the cafeteria to deliver food services

There was a 30% community contribution that included a new door, cabinet and all of the labor.

Martin concludes:

Thank you so much on behalf of my school and community. The improvements you helped make will continue to benefit the health and well-being of many students for years and years to come.

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