Conclusion of Salesatele Freshwater Spring Project – Samoa

This project has been completed, under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Erica Wales. To see the history of the project CLICK HERE.

The project was to create a vaita’ele or freshwater pool within a spring, to be used as a source for clean water for the village.

Erica was at the village on September 29, 2009 when a huge tsunami struck the area. She was fortunate to escape injury by running to higher ground. However,
her house, and that of a neighbor, was destroyed.

She was able to get back to the village and see the project through to completion.

Erica reports:

The village covered the spring from contaminants and put rocks around where water came out from the spring to make it a true pool of water for people to collect water. The cover will keep the water clean and free from debris.

We again wish to thank of wurld, Jared & Ruth Honore directors, for funding the project.

Jared & Ruth had the opportunity to visit the project in November, as the village was rebuilding, and see spring first hand. Their personal involvement is a great example of what can be done with an interaction among individual donors, businesses, and those carrying out the project.