Conclusion of Rubona Health Center Water Project – Rwanda

This project has been successfully completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Jennifer Boyd. To see the history of the project CLICK HERE.

The project was to provide water to the health center, running piping into the center from the main source, and connecting the supply to sinks in the maternity, laboratory, and consultation areas.

Jennifer reports:

Rubona’s new running water in maternity, laboratory, and consultation services helps staff to ensure more hygienic conditions for patients, helps patients practice hygiene, and provides an additional safeguard against false test results in the laboratory.

Infants delivered during and after September 2010, will be delivered in a room with running water, a feature that is key to dealing with unforeseen complications, and guaranteeing that even routine deliveries are sanitary and salubrious. Likewise, nearly 3,000 patients seen each month will benefit from hand-washing stations in the consultation areas, central to preventing the spread of health-center-borne pathogens. Jennifer informs us that the arrival of running water into the health center has been celebrated by staff and patients alike.

Peace Corps Volunteer Emmett V. Reeb III, placed at Rubona Health Center, articulates the sentiment among the staff:

It is amazing what running water has done to help the health center at Rubona. The nurses serve the community more efficiently and with greater confidence and pride. Emmett is set to begin a new project, to build upon the successes of the current one by adding to the parts of the clinic being served by running water. We are grateful to Jennifer for starting the process.

We wish to thank Six Senses Resorts & Spas and the friends and family of Jennifer Boyd for providing the funds for this project.