Conclusion of Nyankui Well Garden Project – The Gambia

 This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Kasey Pendexter. To read about the beginning of this project, CLICK HERE. The project was for a well to provide irrigation for the community garden.

Kasey reports:

The Nyankui garden well took a mere 17 days to complete. After receiving the money, Ebrima Joof, Ebrima Camara, and Yero Camara all met me in Basse to do the shopping for specific materials needed. We sent all of the materials with a gele gele to Diabugu, then made arrangements for a donkey cart to come to pick them up and travel the 14km into the bush to Nyankui./cite>

Despite one of the well diggers being sick, it took under 3 weeks for the well to be finished. 3 men worked every day in the blinding heat to make sure it was completed within the month deadline I had given them. The best part was that all the women were working in the garden while they were digging, and had plenty to say!

“Isatou Dabo, your people are so good to us,” the women’s group president said. “We will be able to water all our plants now, and not walk far or wait a long time at the other well,” was another thing I heard whispered amongst the women on several occasions. In fact, once the well started to draw water, the women began using it!

Kasey, the entire village of Nyankui, and Water Charity are grateful to the friends of Kasey who made this project possible through their donations.