Conclusion of Murehe Health Post Water Project – Rwanda

This project has been completed under the technical direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Colleen Laurence. To read about the beginning of this project, CLICK HERE.

Construction has finished at the Murehe Health Post, and internal running water is now available in the consultation room, maternity room, and laboratory. Previously, these services had to rely on bucket water carried from an outside source and one tap in order to wash hands and equipment.

Colleen reports:

All the staff are exceedingly happy with the improvements and have been instructed to role model good hygiene before all patients as much as possible.

Rukundo Lhin Pierre, the director of the Murehe Health Post and Muyumbu Health Center in Muyumbu District, sends his warmest thanks to Water Charity and to all who helped to improve the quality of care available for the 7000 living in Murehe’s catchment area.

“At Murehe, we don’t expect to be equal to those all health centers, but we do aim to provide the best quality of care we can; sometimes this depends on equipment, and sometimes this depends on our staff,” said Rukundo. “Now, with water running, we can reach our potential and provide the best possible care.” (translated from French)

On behalf of the community, the health post staff, and Colleen, we again extend our gratitude to James Williams and Felicia Draper for providing the funding for this project.