Conclusion of Maui North Shore Beach Cleanup – USA

Positive H2O Beach Cleanup - Maui, HI, USAThe Maui North Shore Beach Cleanup has been completed, under the direction of +H2O.

They reported:

Great turnout for this event, in partnership with Community Work Day and Surfrider Foundation Maui Chapter.

We picked up truckloads of trash AND pulled about 8 cars out of the cane fields.

Great job everyone! More +H2O events to come.

After the final count, we got this report:

Just what was recorded at North Shore Clean Up:::::4 hours-169 volunteers-4 miles-13,400 pounds of trash of solid wastes and metals including 8 recovered cars-1713 cigarette butts-drug pipes and syringes-212 food wrappers-159 plastic bags-339 caps and bottle lids. The North Shore of Maui is now a much cleaner, and safer, place. THANKS TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED.

To see photos of the event, CLICK HERE.