Conclusion of Lozuvatka Secondary School Water Filter Project – Ukraine

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Paula Osborn. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to purchase and install a water filter and a drinking fountain at the school.

Paula reports:

The project has been a huge success! I really can’t tell you how big of an impact it has had in my school, and how having access to clean water is going to affect the health of the children now and in the future.

It started out a little rough, being that once we got into the pipes leading to where we wanted the water fountains to go, there was so much corrosion that it looked impossible for fountains to be installed. Instead, we bought big water coolers that hold 5 gallon water tanks, two in total, one for each floor of the school.

We installed the filter in the kitchen, leading to the main sink. The jugs for the water coolers are filled up with water from this tap, as well as all the water used for cooking also goes through the filters.

The coolers have ended up being even more successful than the water fountains could have been, being that they are very modern and cool-looking and the kids love to use them. They also supply cold water, which is more satisfying than warm water. The children at school think the coolers are the greatest, and there is always a line during any given break during school for the coolers. Water bottles are becoming more and more popular at school now due to the water coolers, giving the kids the ability to drink water during classes as well. The kids are now able to stay properly hydrated, something they were never able to do during school.

Where before the kids only had the option to drink water straight from the tap, water that is mandated to be boiled before used for cooking purposes, now they can drink clean water at any time. The kids take full advantage of this too; in the school of 100 students, we go through at least two 5 gallon jugs a day.

Thanks to you and the donations of all my friends, Lozuvatka Secondary School now has clean water to offer the students and teachers, as well as clean water for cooking. The long term impacts of this project will be reflected in the health of the kids, and with them learning the importance of hydration. I, the students, the teachers, and especially the principal of my school want to thank you so much!

We in turn extend out thanks to Paula for completing this project, and to her friends and family for providing the funding.