Conclusion of Leli 1 Community Center Bathroom Project – Georgia

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Kamran Beikmohamadi. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

This project was to renovate a bathroom at the community center.

Kamran reports:

This past week I visited the organization and am happy to report that they have successfully completed the project (and just in time for the Georgian Orthodox Christmas celebration). The people at the Christmas celebration who used the newly remodeled bathroom were very thankful for your help, and to have a space to wash their hands for food preparation, etc.

The organization has remodeled the center’s bathroom that now includes a working sink, and toilet. Also, the organization was able to preserve the basin for a shower, which the center hopes to complete in the near future. The shower will be particularly useful for the people who use the centers gym. While the shower is not yet working, the bathroom includes the basin and tubing to the shower, and hopes to use the proceeds from the gym to complete the project before the warmer summer months.

They also added windows to the bathroom, which has helped keep the bathroom warmer during the winter and added ceramic tiles and plastic siding to keep the bathroom sanitary. The old rusty metallic tubing for the sink and toilet have been replaced with new plastic tubing.
The plastic tubing will help ensure the cleanliness of the water used for washing hands.

Thanks to the help of approximately 10 volunteers from the village, the organization was able to remain within budget while still installing a sanitary toilet and sink in a timely fashion. I’ve included pictures showing the volunteers hard at work, along with the finished product of a toilet, sink, and shower basin. While there were many celebrations for various Georgian Orthodox holidays, New Year’s, and Christmas, the volunteers were diligent in their work and dedicated to completing the project. Also, the organization was able to purchase the items from the local hardware store in the village.

Thanks to you and your organization’s help, the people of Lelaini who utilize the center will now have a clean, sanitary, and comfortable place to use the bathroom and wash their hands for the numerous events held at the center, and for the people who use the center’s gym.

We again wish to thank Allan Beikmohamadi for providing the funds for the project, and also other friends and family who contributed additional amounts for future projects in Georgia.