Conclusion of Latrines Project – Uganda

Conclusion of Latrines Project in UgandaThis project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Shari Quan. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

This project was to build low-cost latrines for 20 households, for the benefit of about 160 people.

Shari reports:

The goals of the project were to improve community health and build marketable skills by constructing 20 household latrines, holding hygiene workshops, training youth to construct dome-slab latrines, and training local leaders and students to facilitate workshops.

Accordingly, 20 latrines were built at households in the village by the Rural Agency for Sustainable Development (RASD) and 4 youths in training.

The project focused on training these villagers in a marketable skill that would enable them to improve their own economic livelihoods while simultaneously addressing an immediate community need. These people now have the skills and knowledge to work independently and make money in this and neighboring communities while improving community health.

One workshop for adults and three workshops for children were led by students and local leaders to impart hygiene education, and educational promotional calendars were printed and distributed to beneficiaries around the community.

The latrine recipients have been required to repay the initial investment of the materials in their latrines, and collection of this money will allow the RASD to continue this latrine-building program and extend the work to other villages without the aid of additional grant funding, thereby making it a sustainable community project.

We are grateful to Shari for completing this important project.