Conclusion of Latrine Building Project – Benin

Latrine Building Project – Benin This project has been successfully completed, under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Dennis Chon. To see the history of the project CLICK HERE.

The project was to construct eight family latrines in the rural community of Akodebakou, Benin. The technique was to use concrete blocks made on-site to line the pits to contain the waste.

Dennis reports that all of the latrines were completed according to plan, despite some delays due to roadblocks and a shortage of cement in the area.

Dennis Chon, PCV - Benin Individual families were left to complete the latrines with privacy walls according to their own preference and on their own schedule.

Dennis had the opportunity to discuss latrine usage, latrine maintenance, and the importance of washing hands with the participants.

Dennis was able to finish this great project, within budget, on the eve of his completion of service with the Peace Corps. He is returning to California leaving his community a better place.

Latrine Building Project – Benin