Conclusion of La Rancheria Handwashing Station Project – Guatemala

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Grace Williams. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to build a handwashing station, consisting of 10 faucets, at the school.

Grace reports:

I am excited to report that the Handwashing Station in La Rancheria has been completed!

We decided to go ahead and install 10 faucets, even though the requirement from Peace Corps Healthy Schools Program was only 8. Since the community is growing rapidly, we wanted to make sure our project would be sustainable for years to come.

When we first received the funding, I spent 3 days with the school principal, Aury Estela Cifuentes Lopez, shopping at different hardware stores around the community, pricing materials and trying to get the most out of what we received.

The project was completed within 4 days by 2 members of Padres de Familia (parents of the families) and was then inaugurated and made available to the students. Members of the community, mothers, fathers, students and teachers were present for the inauguration.

I was able to give a short workshop on the importance of hand washing and healthy habits, so that the members of the community understood fully that this project was done for the health and wellbeing of the students at La Rancheria.

The 10 faucets are located between the two buildings which divide the school. It is in the pathway between the bathrooms and where the students must pass through in order to return to their classrooms. This was done purposely so the students could conveniently wash their hands. It is not easy for them to forget since they have to walk right by!

I Grace Williams, Peace Corps Volunteer, the principal of La Rancheria, Aury Estela Cifuentes Lopez, and the community of La Rancheria would like to sincerely thank Water Charity for their support for this project. We believe this handwashing station will immensely improve the health and habits of the students in this community in Cabrican, Quetzaltenango. Muchas Gracias por todo!

We, in turn, would like to thank Grace for completing this project, and again extend our thanks to The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust for providing the funding.