Conclusion of La Joya Water System Project – El Salvador

This project has been completed under the technical direction of Peace Corps Volunteers Jim Hooper & Linsey Hackett. To read about the beginning of this project, CLICK HERE.

The project called for the construction of a central point for potable water for presently unserved members of the community.

A hub was located at the school to allow each family to eventually connect a fixed line to their homes. In the interim, a spigot was built from which community members could draw their water to bring to their homes.

The project was begun by rectifying the problem of low pressure in the system. Water boxes were placed in front of each home and at critical points on the mother line within the system. In addition to mitigating the pressure problem, the existing system is now ready to bring water directly to those homes still without service.

The water boxes consist of a water valve enclosed on all four sides with iron-reinforced cement walls and cover.

In the future, monthly user fees to support maintenance costs will be instituted. The water boxes will be instrumental in helping to ensure the effectiveness of a monthly user fee.

After completion of the work, a water and sanitation committee, which will ultimately take charge of the water system, was trained. The committee is responsible for quarterly cleaning of the water tanks, monthly chlorination, bi-weekly system revision and maintenance, and management of funds.

This project embodies a major principle of Appropriate Projects that calls for initiating small hardware projects as a catalyst and basis for future growth.

Although Linsey has completed her Peace Corps service after completion of the project, Jim elected to stay for an additional year to implement the follow-up project to bring water to the individual homes in the community.

On behalf of the entire community of La Joya, in addition to Jim and Linsey, we again wish to thank Hope You Like It and the friends of Jim and Linsey for providing the funding for this project.