Conclusion of Kozova Secondary School Number 1 Bathroom Project – Ukraine

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Camille Pajor. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to provide the necessary plumbing and install three new toilets and a sink at the school.

Camille reports:

Description of the Process
Volodymir Markiv, a local self-employed plumber, came to School No. 1 to inspect the bathroom and prepare for its renovation. Markiv bought everything necessary for the completion of the project in Kozova’s building material store, owned by Yaroslav Adamhiv.

Markiv worked alone on installing 3 new squat toilets, a sink, new pipes, and tiling around the toilet area. (The teachers requested squat toilets since they are easier to clean and will promote a more hygienic environment than sitting toilets.)

Final Outcome
The teachers had a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the new bathroom.

The renovated school bathroom now has 3 new squat toilets, tiling around the toilet area, toilet paper dispensers for each toilet stall (the bathroom never had toilet dispensers in all of its 80 years), garbage cans for each stall, toilet cleaning brushes in each stall, new piping connecting the toilets to the plumbing, and a proper sink.

This project has made school life much more sanitary and comfortable for about 370 people. The school bathroom has become a hygienic environment for use, as well as for cleaning. Before the renovation, many people avoided using the bathroom in school. Now students, teachers, and staff feel safe and at ease when using the facility. The community response to the project was overwhelmingly positive.

Comments From Community
(All translated from Ukrainian)
Natalia Michalivna Sydoruk, Principal of Kozova School No. 1: “Our old bathroom was the shame of our school. Now we won’t feel embarrassed when we have guests visit our school.”

Liliya Vasylivna, Vice Principal of Kozova School No. 1: “It was wonderful that we received money from the Water Charity. Our school is old and it is very difficult for us to find funding for renovations, especially from the local government, which is supposed to help us in these matters, but doesn’t.”

Ludmila Volodymirivna- Geography Teacher: “I’m so happy about the new bathroom! The bathroom has never been renovated—it was the same when I was a student here.”

Ulyana Pasemnyk- English Teacher: “The new bathroom has made school more comfortable. Many people would never use the bathroom and would wait until they went home. Now they don’t have to.”

Nazar Mikatsuk- 7th Grade Student: “Our new bathroom is cool!”

Yura Bobko- 10th Grade Student: “The bathroom looks great, but it also smells better now!”

Sofiya Blavitska- 11th Grade Student: “We are lucky to have such a nice new bathroom. The old one was terrible.”

Natasha Salo- Parent of 9th Grade Student: “I’m very glad about the new bathroom. Our children deserve a normal bathroom to use. It’s very hard to find money for all the renovations our school needs. The government doesn’t help and parents contribute what they can, but it is not enough. Parents in Kozova cannot afford to give a lot of money for school renovations.”

We extend our thanks to Camille for completing the project and to The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust for providing the funding.