Conclusion of Kounkane Ecole Privee 1 Well Project – Senegal

To read about the start of this project, CLICK HERE.

The Kounkane Ecole Privee 1 Well Project in Senegal was completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Emily Morris. Emily is proceeding right on to a follow-up project, Kounkane Ecole Privee 2 Well Project. Using the same technology, a similar well will be built at the second school.

Emily reports that the well was completed in time for the return of the children to school. The local parents group has mobilized to buy a large stone jar that will be filled every morning to cool the drinking water.

This is one project where a picture is worth a thousand words. Although the technology is simple, the craftsmanship and accuracy that is required can be easily seen.

Emily reports:

While the well itself is finished, a metal worker is fitting the protective grill right now. (The grill is to prevent children from falling down the well). The current depth is about 8 meters. It is the rainy season now and the water table is high. In February, the dry season, work will resume and they will dig to a depth of about 12 meters.

The project expenses, totaling $360, were as follows:

Digging the well: $180
The rebar, plus 6 bags of cement, plus labor for surrounding the well: $130
The metal grill protecting the well: $50 (ideally this would have been a complete metal cover, but that cost more and the grill is fine).

Emily expressed her gratitude, and that of the community, as follows:

Thank you again for this opportunity, and thanks to [Jennifer] for funding it. This was the easiest project I have worked on during my service. I think it is hard for people in a developed country to realize the magnitude of this well.

The heat here is unimaginable, and the idea of trekking to go find water is in a word, depressing. I am so happy these children, who are supposed to be in a safe, learning environment, will have water available to them throughout the day.

Although this project has been fully funded, your donation would be appreciated for Kounkane Ecole Privee 2 Well Project, which is underway. Please CLICK HERE to read about it and support it.