Conclusion of Kilisa Village Water Project – Kenya

This project was successfully completed by Nicholas Dominguez, PCV, on August 12, 2009. To read about the beginning of this project, CLICK HERE.

The project was fully funded by one donor, who prefers to remain anonymous.

Nic reports:

The materials purchased for the tank stand were as follows, with costs in Kenyan currency at about 71.32 to the dollar:

Materials for tank stand:

  • Purchase of Y.8. bars for construction of tank stand = 3,500
  • Purchase of nails for the tank stand = 320
  • Purchase of additional fittings to attach tank stand to main water line = 7,450
  • Purchase of cement for tank stand = 6,640
  • Purchase of hacksaw blade = 100

Materials for the pump:

  • Purchase of additional fittings, pipes, and valves for new intake and outlet pipes into the pump house = 21,590

Total purchases made = 39,600

We completed the construction of the tank stand, and are now waiting for the cement to dry.

We purchased the materials for the pump on the advice of a water engineer who is assisting us to find the solution to our lack of pressure in the pump. We hope that the new narrower outlet pipe and wider intake pipe will make the pump more efficient. This efficiency will allow the pump to have the power to bring the river water to the market.

The engineer is in the process of installing the intake pipe and outlet pipe.

We are extremely pleased at the outcome of this project, which will greatly reduce the time and work for about 1,000 people to have access to clean water.