Conclusion of Holopeka Water Project – Tonga

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The Holopeka Water Project was successfully completed, with results beyond all expectations. Despite difficulties encountered along the way, and the temporary evacuation of the project leader, the project was concluded by the community with great results.

After the project was underway, Peace Corps Volunteer Alicia Green had to be evacuated for medical reasons, first to Nuku’alofa, the capitol of Tonga, and then to Suva, the capitol of Fiji. It is the mark of a good administrator that the project was left with clear directions, in capable hands, for the work to proceed in her absence.

The original plans called for the purchase and shipment of cement and materials to construct a stand and a new platform for the water tank. The members of the community first proceeded to repair the damaged tank. They repaired the breaks in the frame, built a new support frame inside the old one, painted the frames with strong paint to prevent corrosion, built a new platform for the water tank, installed a new stop valve, and reinforced the base of the frame with cement.

The modification of plans resulted in a savings, which they were able to use to repair another small water tower in the village to supplement the water supply. This water in this second water source is far less brackish, and will not cause as much rust build-up and corrosion. The concrete frame was reinforced and the platform was repaired. Additionally, the fence was fixed to keep pigs out of the yard and to prevent them from digging up the pipes.

Alicia writes:

Thank you so much for all your help. This project has really been wonderful to work with the community of Holopeka on, and it’s been really exciting watching everyone come together to contribute labor, materials, ideas, and, of course, food!

Getting this accomplished has been wonderful for the village, and we’re starting to look into digging a new well and setting up another piped supply of water to the homes, specifically for washing/bathing. We are so grateful to Appropriate Projects for your aid and flexibility, and we all hope to work with you again in the future.

‘Ofa lahi atu, Alicia Green

The project has to be evaluated as a complete success, not only for the immediate result of safe water for the community, but also for the capacity-building experience it created for the community members who participated.