Conclusion of Cotova Water Supply Project – Moldova

The Cotova Water Supply Project – Moldova has been completed under the able direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Justin Allen. Justin’s report shows how a small amount of assistance delivered precisely when needed can accomplish a tremendous amount for an entire community.

To read about the background of this project, CLICK HERE.

Justin reports:

We have finished digging the canal and laying the pipe. We finished a little over a week before Christmas, right before the first snowstorm! Our organization received a lot of support and contribution from the neighborhood, with roughly twenty people helping dig the canal and lay the pipe.

We started digging the canal roughly half a kilometer down the hill from the location of the water towers. (Andrew and his partner are shown standing in front of them in the bottom picture on the project page.) We were able to dig and lay pipe up to the house nearest the main road.

Fortunately, the money budgeted was sufficient to bring running water to all the scheduled houses in the targeted neighborhood.

So far it seems that everything was done correctly, because last Saturday the temperature was -9 degrees Fahrenheit and none of the pipes froze.

All of the money was spent on pipes and diesel fuel, as according to the project’s budget.

We are very grateful for the work that you all do at Appropriate Projects, as are all the people in Cotova who now have running water. We are also extremely grateful to Basil Englis and friends, who covered the cost of the project.

We, in turn are appreciative of the work done by Justin and the people of Cotova who worked on this project. Any additional donations will be used to fund the next project by Justin and/or those of his counterpart PCVs in Moldova.