Conclusion of Coko Health Center Water Project – Rwanda

This project has been successfully completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Kitty Hall. To see the history of the project CLICK HERE.

The project was to bring running water into two buildings at the health center, and provide necessary sinks.

Kitty Reports:

I am writing to inform you of the finished work at Coko Health Center. Thanks to Appropriate Projects the health center was able to connect their AIDS building (which hold the HIV/AIDS voluntary counseling and testing, Prevention of Mother to Child transmission, ARV distribution, and the laboratory) to a water source.

A huge water tank was connected to both a rainwater source from the roof and an underground spring. Now 7 sinks and two toilettes in this building have running water. Now nurses can wash their hands between patients and the laboratory staff can easily wash their hands after manipulating contagious materials.

There were huge trenches dug all around the health center to install the water pipes. It was a very impressive project.

Also provided were 3 new sinks for the consultation rooms. Previously the nurses used black buckets with spigots filled with water to wash their hands. The buckets needed to be filled on a regular basis which was a hassle for the already overloaded health center staff. The result is that nurses did not wash their hands between patients.

Now with the new sinks the nurses will be able to wash their hands more often which will reduce the case of contagious disease. Diseases related to hygiene are the most frequent cause for consultation in the health centers (upper respiratory infections and diarrhea are some of the most common causes of consultation).

This project was part of a major water project conducted by the Coko health center. The rest of the money was contributed by the health center, which shows their motivation and ownership of the project.

Kitty reports on the connection between this project and the Gakenke
District Health Centers Plumbing Training – Rwanda, also under her direction, which has just begun:

A member of the maintenance staff at Coko health center is participating in a training this week on how to maintain and clean the newly functioning sinks and. This ensures that the project will be sustainable, and the new sinks and toilettes will be well maintained.

Kitty reports on how the project was received:

The director of the heath center expressed his gratitude for making this project possible. Hopefully this project will reduce the number of people who acquire contagious diseases while visiting the health center and will keep the health center staff healthy.

The sinks in the consultation room will serve as a model for the clients of the health center so that they can fully understand the importance of hand-washing.

Thank you very much on behalf of myself and the staff and patients at Coko health center.

We, in turn, also wish to thank Kitty for carrying out this great project, and Owl Studios Jazz Records for providing the funding for the project.