Conclusion of Chnouk Tru Health Center Water Project – Cambodia

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Keiko Valente. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to build a clean water facility to bring filtered water into the maternity room of the health center.

Keiko reports:

The Chnuk Tru Water Facility took about two weeks to finish. First, my counterpart and I went into Phnom Pehn, the capital city, to purchase the appropriate motor that would bring water from well and already existing rainwater harvest tank.

A few days later, the welder and three other laborers came to cut the tower holding the rainwater tank in half and lifted it about a meter.

Next came the construction of the water basin and the installation of the motor and filter.

Finally, we connected all the parts together with PVC piping, bringing the clean filtered water into the maternity room.

We constructed the basin to have a drain in the back of the basin so the health center staff would be able to clean out the basin every few months, as well as a faucet in the front so neighboring villagers can collect clean water to bring back to their homes.

The water facility brings unrestricted access to filtered water to the health center staff and patients year round. The staff was very active in the construction of the project, and is thrilled with their new facility.

Additionally, health center staff have been trained by local Hagar (the manufacturer of the filter) on how to maintain and clean the filter.

When asked about his feelings about the new water facility, a nurse responded “I am so happy now. We will have clean water forever- even in the dry season. Now we do not have to wait for the rain to have clean water for drinking and to clean babies.”

Thank you for all your support!

We in turn extend our gratitude to Keiko for completing this project, to Shannon Fosseen for providing the funding, and to Keiko’s other friends and family who provided additional funding for other Cambodia projects.