Conclusion of Amadou Sy Elementary School Latrine Project – Senegal

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Madeline Tiee. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The project was to renovate 6 latrines and restore them to working order.

Madeline reports:

I am writing to inform you of the completion of the latrine improvement project at the Adjudant Amadou Sy Elementary School in Podor, Senegal.

Upon the receipt of the funds for the project, the school director and the president of the school’s PTA worked together to buy materials for the project. The school community contributed the sand needed for the project.

After the cement was purchased and transported to the school, the mason began making the ventilation windows for the girls’ latrine building. During this process, the school director hired a crew to drain the sewage tank and remove all debris blocking the piping of all toilets.

After this, the mason repaired the sewage tank of the girls’ latrines to create proper ventilation from the tank itself. He then repaired the cement flooring of both buildings of latrines. The door hinges to all doors, which were originally attached to rotten wooden frames, were newly attached with cement to the concrete foundation.

Additionally, the mason made bricks and built a wall between two of the latrines in the boys’ building to separate the latrines and provide the teachers with a private latrine. The toilets in need of replacement were replaced.

Fewer toilets than first estimated were replaced, and the extra money went to making plastic water buckets from empty cooking oil containers that were placed beside each toilet for flushing.

As a result of these latrine improvements, all 399 students, 13 teachers, and the school director have access to clean and functioning latrines. The boys have access to two restrooms, the girls to six latrines, and the teachers to one fully functioning latrine.

As a direct result of this improvement project, students are regularly using the latrines, as opposed to their prior behavior of going to the bathroom outside the latrines. The school sprays down the latrines routinely each afternoon after classes and will begin locking up the latrines when school is out of session to maintain their current condition.

In the next months, PCV Paul Levy and I will begin educational lessons at the school concerning the importance of the latrines, how to prevent schistosomiasis, and general sanitation/hygiene. I will be working closely with the school to begin environmental education lessons and trash management and will be able to observe regularly the use of the latrines.

The school community has this to say about the latrines:

“I want to thank you for the valuable and effective assistance that you have brought to our school. This funding has enabled us to rehabilitate two toilets in our school: one for the girls and one for the boys. It has improved considerably the quality of life at our school and ended the solid waste issues that once threatened us. Before this improvement project, the students would go to the restroom outside the latrines or wait until they returned home because of the smell and state of the latrines. Now, the latrines are clean and odorless. Thank you so much. We are happy and grateful for your help.” –Siré Ly, School Director

“The latrines are fixed and we can now use them. We like the latrines; thank you very much.” –Penda Ngueye, student, 9 years old

“The latrines are nice! Thank you.” –Youri An, student, 9 years old

We extend our thanks to Madeline for the great job, and again thank the generous donors who funded it.