Conclusion of Akazi Kanoze Aquaculture and Rabbit Project – Rwanda

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Mikerlange Remplait. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

This was the first phase of an aquaculture project designed for the raising of rabbits and fish as an economic enterprise.

Mikerlange reports:

The youth of Icyerekezo Cooperative completed the first phase of their aquaculture project.

During the preparation of the pond, which will in the future be used to farm Tilapia, ten members of the cooperative took part in the cleaning process of the pond. This involved the cutting down of overgrown shrubs and grass as well as clearing debris in the channel. The youth also expanded the overflow pool to help the pond better drain in case of flooding. They then cleared an exit channel from the pond to allow water to flow out naturally.

To start, all water from the pond was drained out with a pump. After evacuating the water, the youth attempted to clean the pond by shoveling accumulated soil at the base of the pond. However, they discovered that this would require the use of heavy machinery, which the cooperative lacked.

Working with the local sector leader, they then decided to hire 10 local workers to help complete the task. The workers proceeded to shovel out all unnecessary mud from the pond. This labor-intensive cleaning process took approximately four weeks. During this time, a slope was built from the center of the pond to the exit channel to allow water to easily flow out of the pond, making it easier to evacuate the pond and harvest when necessary, as well as to control overflow.

Additionally, they expanded and cleaned the stream that feeds water into the pond as well as leveling the edges of the pond. The cleaning process took longer than a month due to several unexpected events, including heavy rains.

Project funds were used to purchase the pump, tools, and materials, as well as to pay for the local labor.

This is the first step in an ongoing project. The youth are gathering resources to start the second phase of the project. They plan to construct two sets of rabbit cages, with 10 compartments each, on the perimeter of the pond.

We will continue to update Water Charity about our progress and appreciate the funds that helped us start this project.