Completion of La Crucita Spring Box – Honduras

The first phase of the La Crucita Water System Project has been successfully completed. To read about the start of this project, CLICK HERE.

Wood for Forms - Honduras

The project was designed so that each stage could stand on its own and create value, even if, for some reason, an obstacle prevented progress on subsequent stages.

The first phase was completed despite the political unrest in Honduras, which threatened the project. This attests to the commitment of the town and the ability of Peace Corps Volunteer Michelle Richards to persist under adverse conditions.

In the end, the municipality was able to honor its commitment, and the town was able to raise additional money through fund-raising activities, such as raffles and food sales.

Michelle Reports:

Carmen - Honduras

The community chose to hire a construction supervisor named Pedro Santos, who lives nearby and regularly works on similar water systems with Aldea Global. He constructed the spring box in accordance with the design specifications. The community members provided all the non-skilled labor required.

The members of the community were able to convince the municipality to donate pipe, and they have actually begun to lay the piping from the spring box to the site where the cistern will be located.

The community members were led by two outstanding representatives. Pedro (a different Pedro), the President of the town council, managed the money, and purchased and transported the materials. Carmen, the Vice President of the town council, organized all of the members of the community to work on the system. She kept track of how many hours each family contributed toward the project, and made sure that the workers were on the job each morning.

Entrance to Spring Box - Honduras

According to Michelle, everyone is very excited about the project, and they are looking forward to the next phase, in which water will be brought to the cistern. This will eliminate the 2 km. hike from the village to retrieve the water.

We are still seeking donations to pay for the first phase, and are working hard to accumulate funds to proceed to subsequent stages. Donations in any amount may be made by clicking on the Donate button at the bottom of this page.