Community Health Hut Construction Project – Senegal

Senegal MapCommunity health huts play an important role in health care in Senegal. A relatively small amount of money can have a great impact in the delivery of services to a remote village. Therefore, we remain committed to helping with the water and sanitation portions of any projects that make these health posts more accessible, safer and more effective.

Our first two health post projects have been undertaken under our Appropriate Projects initiative. They are:

  • Thiewal Lao Health Post Well Project, under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Maggie Pavelka
  • Fodé Bayo Health Hut Well, under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Amanda Wybolt

This project is for the construction of a new health hut in Southern Senegal. The plans were underway for this project when Water Charity joined on to complete the funding, so we are only helping with a small amount to be allocated to the water and sanitation parts of the construction.

Under the direction of Peace Corps Olivia Kenna, this project will serve the immediate health needs of four rural villages in the area as well as provide a place for dialogue about health issues faced by this community.

A knowledgeable community health worker will run the health hut, consult with patients, and prescribe medications from the village pharmacy when appropriate. In urgent or complex cases, patients will be referred to a larger health clinic in the area.

Senegal Scenery

The community health worker, in collaboration with the Peace Corps Volunteer, will also conduct workshops on local health issues, organize monthly baby weighing days, and arrange visits by the health clinic nurse to the community health hut for vaccinations and pre-natal consultations.

The project will benefit 750 people.

The participating villages will contribute 3,000 red clay bricks made by hand from local sand and mud, as well as the help of a local mason. The community participation is 28% of the project cost.

The participation of Water Charity in this project has now been funded, through the generosity of The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust as a part of their Clean Water Projects initiative.

Any donations using the Donate button below will go toward additional water and sanitation projects in Senegal.

This project has been completed. To read about the conclusion of this project, CLICK HERE.