Biosand Filter Project – Haiti

HydrAid BioSand FiltersWater Charity is participating in a program to deliver bio-sand filters to the people of Haiti. A relief effort was begun shortly after the devastating earthquake and is continuing in the aftermath. It will be expanded as quickly as possible to provide safe water to the population over the longer term.

The bio-sand filters being used for the project are HydrAid BioSand Filters, manufactured in Michigan. The project includes technology, research, installation, education, maintenance, quality assurance and support through a global network of partners.

The HydrAid system is founded on proven bio-sand water filter technology that has been effectively used around the world for decades. When properly implemented, it filters out 99.9% of the parasites, bacteria, and viruses from dirty water. It is effective in the control of diarrhea, one of the most deadly waterborne diseases, which is estimated to cause 1.5 million child deaths per year.

Packing Filter ComponentsThe biosand filter utilizes specified layers of gravel and sand of specific grades and sizes. In addition, it is topped by a biological layer which assists in the purification process.

The bio-sand filter is easy to install, delivers high volumes, requires little maintenance, and produces clean water for up to 10 years.

Water Charity began evaluating and using the technology in specific long-term applications, starting in 2008. When the earthquake struck in Haiti, it became evident that HydrAid filters would be the ideal tool for immediate use in the relief effort, especially in light of the close proximity of Haiti to the US mainland.

Various agencies and organizations came together to develop a plan to produce, deliver, and install HydrAid filters in Haiti. The original HydrAid design was enhanced for disaster relief with additional disinfection technology by Amway engineers. The procedure called for treatment of the water, first with chlorine, and then additional filtration through a carbon filter. An important addition was the inclusion of a receptacle for storing the clean water. The additional disinfection serves a number of purposes, including further reduction of pathogens, elimination of the waiting period before the filter can be used, and reduction of the possibility of re-contamination of the treated water.

Boxes of BioSand Filter ComponentsAmway teamed up with the Safe Water Team, a West Michigan nonprofit organization, Thirsting to Serve, a Michigan Rotary group, and Triple Quest, a Joint Venture of Cascade Engineering and Windquest Group, to supply HydrAid filter systems to Haitian schools, clinics, and other earthquake victims.

The delivery process got underway when a truckload of 22 skids of HydrAid filters, complete with filter sand, was shipped to Jacksonville, Florida. The U.S. Navy then transported the filters to Haiti. The NGO Pure Water for the World is handling the distribution and installation in Haiti.

Your donation towards this project will be used in its entirety for the purchase of the filters, the ground transportation, and the installation of the filters in Haiti.

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