Progress Report on Kristen’s Water Tank Project in Guatemala

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Patulup Committee ShoppingKristen has reported to us about the progress on purchasing the materials and building the base.

Kristen went with Professor Ismael and four representatives of Patalup to purchase the water deposit tank and materials to construct the base.

Delivery of TankFeatured in the photographs are María Mejía Avilam, María Tzampop (representative of Patulup Community Development Committee), Isabel Mejía Vicente, Ismael Morales (teacher in Patulup school), and Domingo Yat Cor.

In between, Kristen hosted 16 new Preventive Health Peace Corps/Guatemala trainees who visited her site to learn about life, work and play as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Local masons have started building the base, near the door of the kitchen. She will provide us with a final report and construction photos when the project is completed.

You can read the conclusion of this project Click HERE.