Progress on Lenny’s “Pilas” Project

Installing the PilaThis is a progress report on the “Pilas” project of Lenny Van Boven, Peace Corps Volunteer, serving in Chicocox, Guatemala. You can read about this project HERE.

During the planning stage, Lenny determined that it would be less expensive to purchase fabricated pilas than to build molds, purchase the materials, and pour them in place.

Lenny planned the implementation as follows:

The community participation will be in the form of transportation. They have already formed into two geographically distinct groups, and have pooled money to hire a truck which will bring the pilas partway. They will then split up into smaller groups and be responsible for bringing the pilas in by hand and foot. Each pila is made of solid cement which has been poured into a mold, and they weigh approximately 500 pounds each.

Lenny reports that to date the community has purchased and transported 8 pilas. This week, they will purchase 8 more to be used in family homes, plus an additional one for the local school. In addition, drainage systems will be set up.

In the near future, CARITAS, an NGO working in the vicinity, will send its water and sanitation officer to discuss pila use and care with the community.

This project has been completed.  To read about the conclusion, CLICK HERE.

Unloading the PilasCarrying the Pilas