Peace Corps Submission Instructions

If you are a Peace Corps Volunteer, Peace Corps Response Volunteer, or a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer with a water or sanitation project, we would like to hear about what you have in mind and your technical and/or funding needs.  We will help PCVs with Peace Corps Partnership Project applications and guarantee funding for approved projects.

This is a pre-application process.  However, we will be looking for a complete description of the project you are proposing, to allow us to evaluate its cost-effectiveness. 

Send an email to mail (at) watercharity (dot) org (or via our CONTACT form) with the following:

  1. Project location
  2. An explanation of the need
  3. A specific description of the project you are proposing
  4. The total project cost and the amount you will be requesting from Water Charity
  5. The number of people served
  6. Your COS date
  7. Status of your PCPP or LGL application (if applicable).

We will promptly get back to you if we have any questions. If we like the concept, we will send you the actual submission instructions.