Lenny’s “Pilas” Project – Guatemala

Chilocox CommunityWater Charity is pleased to have enabled a project in rural Guatemala to provide sinks for an entire community. The project, which will serve 86 people, was proposed by, and will be completed under the direction of, Lenny Van Boven, a Peace Corps Volunteer, living in Chicocox, Guatemala.

Here is how Lenny describes the project:

The project consists of providing 16 pilas, one per home, accounting for the population of Chicocox. Caserio Chicocox is part of the Aldea Xinacati, Municipio of Cubulco, located approximately 15 km northwest of Cubulco. The community is accessible only by foot.

In 2001, a water project was completed whereby running water from a stream-fed tank, located approximately 5 km away, was piped to the community.

The addition of pilas will permit the washing of clothes, food and dishes in a more comfortable, hygienic and professional manner.

Water shortage is a common problem in the community during the dry season (December-May), and the tanks of the pilas will aid water storage.

Water Charity looked very favorably on this project for many reasons. It added to a prior successful project, thereby directly impacting on the wellbeing of the community. It was simple and limited in concept, presented no impediments, utilized appropriate technology, was cost effective, and could be accomplished at once.

Furthermore, the plan called for community participation, a necessary element in any community development project.

Water Charity made a commitment to provide funds for the project, and build upon an existing and identified co-funding source.

Treeview Elementary School StudentsA sum of money had been raised by the students of Treeview Elementary School , in Hayward, California, under the direction of their teacher, Irene Riddle. The funds were previously earmarked for transporting textbooks, but other means were arranged for the books to be sent to Guatemala, freeing up this money for use on Lenny’s “pilas” project.

With the assistance of Friends of Guatemala, an organization of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Guatemala, the funds from the two sources were aggregated and sent to Guatemala for use in the project.

Installation of the pilas is presently underway. Lenny will give us updates and photos as the project progresses.

See below for links to the progress and conclusion reports.

To see a progress report, Click HERE. You can read the conclusion of this project Click HERE.