La Crucita Water System Project – Honduras

Water Charity is set to begin a new project in Honduras, Central America. Under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Michelle Richards, a potable water system will be built in the community of La Crucita, Siguatepeque, Comayagua, Honduras.

The design calls for the collection of water from a natural spring, and piping it by gravity a distance of 1.4 kilometers. A small pump is used to pump the water up 10 meters to a 3,000 gallon distribution tank. It is then piped by gravity 0.8 km to each house in the community.

The project will serve 15 houses at present, with a total population of approximately 90 people. However, it is designed to handle the expected rise in population over the next 20 years to 167 people.


The labor will be provided by the members of the community, who are also contributing materials, such as sand, rock, and wood.

The municipal government of Siguatepeque is donating half of the money needed to complete the project.

The project is divided into phases, which will allow us to start right away while we are still seeking funds to complete the project. The first phase calls for building the spring box around the water source. This will keep the source from being contaminated, and allow for easy daily access to the water.

The second phase calls for the construction of the conduction line and distribution tank, and the installation of the pump.

The third and final phase will result in the construction of the distribution network, with taps at each house.

Michelle reports that arrangements have been made with a local NGO, Aldea Global, to coordinate the work in the field. The project is ready to begin, and Michelle will keep us updated on the progress.

We urgently need your donations so that we can move quickly through the phases of the project. If you click the Donate button below, your contribution will be earmarked for the La Crucita Water System Project.

The first phase of this project, the construction of the spring box, has been completed. To read about it, CLICK HERE.