Katie Bovitz, Volunteer in Paraje El Zapote

In this section, we present a project of Peace Corps Volunteer Katie Bovitz, serving in El Zapote, Guatemala. The project involves the completion of a new school with the installation of 8 handwashing stations and 4 latrines.

Katie Bovitz and men of the communityKatie Bovitz is a Peace Corps Volunteer, serving in Paraje El Zapote, Pachilip in the Municipality of Joyabaj, Department of Quiche, Guatemala. She is serving under a 9 month extension to her original Peace Corps commitment of two years.

Katie will be leaving Guatemala in April, and asked if we could fund a last project she wanted to do before she left. After reviewing her proposal, we committed to the project, within her timetable. We told her to start acquiring the materials, as the funds are on their way.

In 2008, Katie raised money to build a two-room elementary schoolhouse in the village of El Zapote. The school is currently under construction and is scheduled to be finished by the end of April. She needed the funds for the latrines and hand washing station for the school.

The project falls directly within our purview of water and sanitation. We are providing the resources that enable the completion of the school.

People of El ZapoteThere are 47 families in the village of El Zapote, and 51 school-aged children who will directly benefit from this project.

Katie says: “There will be a set of 4 latrines constructed of cement block (like the schoolhouse) with simple concrete toilet seats, and a paved floor. The hand washing station will be an elevated water deposit with 8 taps, constructed of block and concrete.”

We will keep you informed on the progress of the project. If you believe that this project has merit, send us a donation. Your funds will be used to complete it, and to undertake others like it.

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