Introducing Water Charity – One of the Top Water Charities

Water Charity
Water Charity is a nonprofit corporation, directed toward improving the human rights and dignity of individuals throughout the world by providing them with resources that impact upon their health and wellbeing. With all donations applied to projects in the field, we have become one of the best and highest-ranked water charities delivering global services.

Water Charity at Lake Titikaka Water Charity implements practical solutions to provide safe water, effective sanitation, and meaningful health resources to those in need.

Water Charity, in concert with key partners, surveys the needs, drafts the plans, assembles the resources, implements and manages the projects, and evaluates the results.

We plan for the long term and intermediate future, implement in the present, and react in the short term to crisis situations.

Our core group contains people with decades of experience in engineering, community development, construction, education, and public health. Led by Jacqueline Chan, Dr.P.H., Averill Strasser, and JahSun, we have completed many water and sanitation projects throughout the world in the past year, all on schedule and within budget.

We have implemented several new initiatives, not the least of which is Appropriate Projects, designed to do small water and sanitation projects all over the world, immediately. Each one is run by a Peace Corps Volunteer, starts at once, and is completed in a month!

In addition to our focus on potable water for rural and urban areas, we are engaged in research and education surrounding the human need for water, and the extraordinary health benefits of adequate hydration.