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Primary School of Diakhaba Well Project – Senegal

Location Diakhaba, Kedougou Region, Senegal Community Description Diakhaba is a village of around 1,300 people, primarily made up of Malinkes, founded in the 1970s. Other smaller villages have gathered around since the construction of the paved road. While there are a few small boutiques, most villagers work in the fields, where peanuts, corn, and millet […]

Itaja Secondary School Well Project – Tanzania

Location Itaja, Singida, Singida, Tanzania Community Description The village of Itaja is located in central Tanzania, approximately 48 kilometers from the district center of Singida. In recent years, it has experienced a large growth in population, with little economic opportunities to support those living there. Though small in size in comparison to other ward centers, […]

Ampasimbola Well Project – Madagascar

Location Ampasimbola, District Amparafaravola, Madagascar Community Description Antsakoana is a small village south of the town Amparafaravola located in the Eastern part of Madagascar. Ampasimbola is one of 20 communes in District Amparafaravola. The district of Amparafaravola, is located in a large rice-producing area near Lake Alaotra in central Madagascar. Rice farming is seasonal work […]

Kewoye Latrine Project, Phase 2 – Senegal

Location Kewoye, Kedougou, Senegal Community Description Kewoye is a rural community 90 km west of Kedougou in southeastern Senegal, just 35 km from the Guinean border. It has a population of about 600 people. The vast majority of residents are farmers. The primary crops grown are rice, corn, peanuts, and cotton. A few men participate […]

Karang Health Post Well Project – Senegal

Location Karang, Fatick Region, Senegal, West Africa Community Description The town of Karang is at the very south of the Fatick region, on the border with The Gambia. It is a town of 11,000 people, with one health post working for the entire population. Karang has 9 independent neighborhoods, each with its own women’s group, […]

Conclusion of Pakkala Water Project – Senegal

To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE. The project was to extend the water line and install a tap to serve the needs of local farmers. Steve reports: I’m pleased to report that the water project in Pakkala is complete. Immediately after the month of fasting I gave the funds to farmer Sere […]

Pakkala Water Project – Senegal

Location Pakkala, Kaffrine, Senegal Community Description Pakkala is a farming village of about 200 people, located 12 km south/southwest of Kaffrine, in the peanut basin of Senegal. Water is only available from a few taps connected to a water tower located at least 5 km away, for a fee, and from a few wells, at […]

Conclusion of Boke Diallobe Middle School Latrine Project – Senegal

This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Sarah Keyes. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE. The project was to build a 2-compartment latrine at the middle school. Sarah reports: The latrine project has been successfully completed. The original project concept was for the construction of a latrine […]