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Final Report of Water Filter Distribution – Karuk Tribe

The Karuk Tribe is a Native American tribe located in northern California, primarily in the Klamath River region. They are one of several indigenous groups in the state of California and have a rich cultural heritage and history. The Karuk Tribe’s traditional territory encompasses parts of northern California, including Humboldt County, Siskiyou County, and Trinity […]

Water For Everyone — Klamath

At the end of July, after working with the Yurok tribe in the past, Water Charity heard that some of its members were served a boil water notice. The water was not safe to drink without boiling it. Working with Sawyer Water Filters, Water Charity ensured that every household on the Yurok Reservation received a […]

Yurok Nation Water Filter Project – Northern California

This project is made possible with the partnership of Water Charity & The Yurok Nation LocationYurok Nation, Humboldt County, Northwest California, USA Community Description Yurok Indian Reservation is located from the confluence of the Klamath and Trinity Rivers in the Village of Weych-pues (Weitchpec) and follows the Klamath into the ocean at the village of Requa (part of the town of Klamath) […]

Secretary Clinton Announces Commitment to Water Issues

In her speech on World Water Day, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reiterated that “More than 5,000 people die each day from causes linked to unsafe water, sanitation, and hygiene, and most of them are children. Millions of women and girls walk for hours every day to collect water for their households, and some of […]

Water Charity Meets with Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet

Water Charity’s co-founder and COO Averill Strasser, and Executive Director, Beverly Rouse, had the opportunity to meet with Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet when she was in Long Beach this week. At a presentation at Cal State University Long Beach (CSULB), Director Hessler-Radelet, along with CSULB President Jane Close Conoley and Rep. Alan Lowenthal, D-Long […]

Water Charity’s Appropriate Projects Initiative 2014

Our Appropriate Projects initiative enables instant deployment of resources to do small but critical water and sanitation projects. Check out the right column of this page for a list of projects that have been implemented to date in 60 countries around the world. While continuing with our successful model of developing and carrying out projects […]

Water Charity & the National Peace Corps Association form Official Partnership

NPCA & WC Partnership! Last month, the NATIONAL PEACE CORPS ASSOCIATION and WATER CHARITY entered into a historic partnership.  Pictured above are our COO Averill Strasser and NPCA chief Glen Blumhorst signing the partnership agreement in Washington D.C. during the week of Peace Corps activism which took place there.  Together our two organizations will work to increase the […]

Caribbean Clean Water Hurricane Relief Program

Caribbean Clean Water Hurricane Relief Program Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda This project was made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and the NATIONAL PEACE CORPS ASSOCIATION, working with SAMARITAN’S PURSE This Hurricane Relief Program on all 4 islands has been completed. We are hoping to expand the program and do more to help the people rebuilding with their water & sanitation issues, so […]

Sioux Nations Disaster Relief Project – South Dakota

This project is made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY, the SIOUX NATIONS, & EYES (Empowering Youth Education Services) Due to severe flooding on many of the Sioux Nation reservations in South Dakota, many families are doing without access to clean water, which makes their already difficult situation dangerously more trying. Many of those who have offered outside help, have done so in the form […]

Conclusion of Pigtown Food for Thought Water Project – United States

This project has been completed under the direction of Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Charlotte Keniston. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE. The project was to install a rainwater catchment system to provide water for the needs of the participants in the community garden. Charlotte reports: The rain barrels are installed and […]