A Project to Create Access to Water for Libertad La Fuente – Mexico

Ejido Bellavista, Chiapas, Mexico Libertad La Fuente is home to 41 families many of whom are descendants of the Maya refugees who fled the war in Guatemala to find safety and freedom deep in the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico. The community is located literally at the top of the world about 4 hours from the […]

Poblado Ocho de Julio Water Project – Mexico

Location: The community is located along the river just outside of the small city of Belisario Dominguez on the coastal side of the Sierra Madre mountain range. This project has been completed. To read about the conclusion, CLICK HERE. Problem to be addressed: The amount of water available to the community has diminished significantly due […]

Barrio Las Cruces Water Project – Mexico

This project is made possible through the partnership of WATER CHARITY and the NATIONAL PEACE CORPS ASSOCIATION. This project has been completed.  To read about the conclusion, CLICK HERE. Location Barrio Las Cruces, Chiapas, México Community Description Barrio Las Cruces is a neighborhood of 35 homes with 185 inhabitants, plus one on the way. The community […]

Conclusion of the Water Project for Barrio San Miguel – Mexico

This project has been completed and funded through the generosity of Michael and Carla Boyle of Foster, WV. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE. The people in Barrio San Miguel had just about given up hope of ever being able to resolve the long-standing problem they had endured with their water system.  […]

Water Project for Barrio San Miguel, Ejido de Benito Juarez, Chiapas, Mexico

Location: Barrio San Miguel, Ejido Benito Juarez, Sierra Madre de Chiapas, México Description of the Community:   Barrio San Miguel is a settlement of 37 families living on a steep ridge with a dramatic view of the city of Motozinla in the river valley below.  They build their homes in the traditional ways from adobe blocks made from the yellow clay found in the area or by using reeds and mud to fashion walls by hand. Their dirt patios are […]

Conclusion of Water Project for Poblado Ocho de Julio – Mexico

The people in Poblado Ocho de Julio have a last realized their long-awaited desire to secure enough water for all 63 families living there.   With the completion of their water project, they now can rest assured that going forward, each family will be able to better prepare their coffee for the market.  This opens the […]

Loma Bonita Water Project – Mexico

Ejido de Benito Juarez region is the latest in our Sierra Madre Water Program – Mexico & Guatemala Location: Barrio Loma Bonita, Ejido de Benito Juarez, Chiapas, Mexico Community Description:  Loma Bonita is a neighborhood of 41 homes on the western edge of the settlement of Benito Juarez.  It is home to 235 people. At that elevation, the weather […]

Conclusion of Loma Bonita Water Project – Mexico

The families living in Loma Bonita are absolutely delighted that running water is finally coming to every home.  Loma Bonita is a place where the poverty is severe. Some of the families live in precarious structures that do not afford much protection from the fog and cold in the winter. They would not have been able to cover the cost of expanding their water system without the […]

Conclusion of the El Horizonte y Los Cocos Water Project – Mexico

Final Report This project has been completed.  You can read about the start of the project HERE. The people living in El Horizonte and Los Cocos are absolutely delighted that going forward, after decades of hardship, they can now rely on having water on tap for the first time since the hurricanes in 1998. They say […]

Rancheria El Horizonte y Los Cocos Community Water Project – Mexico

Location: Three kilometers SW of Belisario Dominguez, Chiapas, Mexico, on the Pacific side of the Sierra Madre Mountains, Ejido Ampliación Arenal Problem to be addressed: Build a new water system to replace that lost in a natural disaster in 1998  In southern Mexico, over the last 20 years, there have been extreme weather events in the Sierra Madre […]