Completion of Julio Verne School Water Project in Guatemala

Boy using new sinkThe Water Charity project at the Julio Verne Elementary School of Saquiya, Patzun, Guatemala has been successfully completed. To see the history of this project Click HERE.

The effort resulted in the installation of 3 Rotoplas water deposits, 5 functioning toilets, a cement water deposit, a washing station, and 6 sinks with faucets. The sinks are connected to galvanized tubes that receive water directly from the water deposits.

The project was carried out under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Melanie Reda, and with the assistance of Global Water albanil Albert Xoch, and Lynn Roberts.

Melanie reports:

They are now able to store 1350 liters of water in the deposits ensuring that there is at the very least a 3-day supply of water for each student and teacher.

She further states:

The generosity of the Water Charity donors has made such a difference in the lives of the students and teacher of Julio Verne. Please know that we are eternally grateful for the support.

This project has been fully funded. If you wish to donate to follow-up projects of Melanie Reda and/or those of her counterpart Peace Corps Volunteers in Guatemala, click the Donate button below the video.